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Clipper BM-1 Battery Monitor

Clipper BM-1 Battery Monitor
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Clipper BM-1 Battery Monitor
Reference : NMCBM1
Clipper BM-1 Battery Monitor
The BM-1 is designed to monitor performance of 12 volt lead acid battery systems, including AGM and GEL types with capacities of up to 600 Amp hours. It is supplied complete with a precision 100 AMP shunt and a prefabricated cable assembly to enable simple DIY installation. The unit continuously monitors voltage, current (charge or discharge), number of amp/hours (charge or discharge), the batteries state of charge and the time to charge or discharge. It also monitors the voltage of the engine strat battery. This information leads to more efficient use of the battery, which can enhance battery life and reduce the risk of failure.

Fully monitors domestic battery/bank

Monitors voltage of engine start battery


Supply voltage

BM-1 12V 8 – 16 Volts DC

BM-1 24V 16 – 32 Volts DC

Supply current 1.5 milliamps

Battery capacities 5 – 600 AMP Hour

Load current 100 AMPS Maximum

Charge current 100 AMPS Maximum

Shunt Standard 50 millivolt @ 100 AMP

Cables supplied:

100 AMP shunt link to M8 Ring terminal.
5 Metre from display unit to battery – fused and fitted with ring terminals for shunt, fuse holder and M8 ring terminal to battery.
Display unit
Standard 110mm square Clipper case. High contrast LCD, backlit for night viewing.
Minimum voltage visual alarm
Simple operation – 4 keys to select backlight, Volt/Amp/State of Charge screen,
AMP hours or Time to run.
2023-12-31 169.00169.00 EUR
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