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EQUATOR MSR36240 Underwater Light

EQUATOR MSR36240 Underwater Light
EQUATOR MSR36240 Underwater Light
Référence : MSR36240B
ASTEL MARINE EQUATOR MSR36240 Underwater Light
Ultra-thin compact surface-mount design, aluminium bronze (AB2) or stainless steel (316L) casing, 60 angle, high-grade
polycarbonate glass optical window, luminous flux 3900 lm at white color temperature 6.000-10.000 K, built-in microprocessor
at multi-color RGB version for network connection and simple control of a group of lights with dimming and changing of the
color of lighting manually or automatically through the complete rainbow spectrum, 12-24Vdc, max. 4.3 A/12Vdc, or max.
1.9A/24Vdc, 36 high-power LEDs.
AB2G Aluminium bronze casing, green lighting or SSPG Stainless steel casing, green lighting.
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