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INTENSA Int and Ext Light MRM0320

INTENSA Int and Ext Light MRM0320
INTENSA Int and Ext Light MRM0320
Référence : MRM0320A
INTENSA MRM0320 Interior and Exterior Light
Compact LED light with built-in electronic driver, microprocessor control, internal dimming control (2 wires, with power-switch)
or external dimming control (3 wires, with additional key-switch), anodized aluminium water resistant casing, spring mount, highgrade
polycarbonate glass optical window, advanced optical system with high efficiency lens and hologoraphic diffuser,
luminous flux 400 lm at white color temperature 4.500K/3.000 K, 12-24Vdc, max. 420 mA/12Vdc, or max. 230 mA/24Vdc, 3
high-power LEDs, massive aluminium or stainless steel front shapes with different finishes
I (internal) or E (external) dimming control
CSP (classic front shape polished stainless steel,classic front shape satin stainless steel,modern front shape polished stainless steel,modern front shape satin stainless steel)
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