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Shitstrip 10 X 1 Metre

Shitstrip 10 X 1 Metre
Shitstrip 10 X 1 Metre
Référence : SS10X1
Shitstrip 10 X 1 Metre
Sh!tstrip is a product designed to prevent that seagulls or other birds decide to land and relax on the railings of your yacht and lose their droppings on your expensive yacht. Get rid of seagulls and other birds quickly, safely and cheap - a goal that many yacht owners, builders and crew have but the reality is when many owners try to get rid of seagulls or birds they find it very difficult to do it in a humane and effective way.

We manufacture the most perfect seagull pest control device in the market or called a ''Railing Modification Device''. Railing modification means temporarily adding a device to the yacht's railing in such a way that seagulls or other birds no longer wish to land on them. The system blends in to any yacht and her surroundings.

By applying this anti-landing device you add a very humane method of seagull and bird control. This is because the pins on the device do not actually hurt the seagulls or birds; they simply act as a physical barrier, preventing seagulls or birds from landing.

With Sh!tstrip you never again have to worry about yacht damage, unsightly and harmful bird residues.
All in all we believe our Sh!tstrip seagull and bird control system to be the most effective and only humane seagull control solution available.
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